Software Outsourcing

Vishruth Technologies offers end-to-end and vale driven software-outsourcing services. By outsourcing your software development projects to us, you again: Access to our experienced IT team, access to technology expertise, reduced HR costs, controlled project costs, increased project management capabilities, improved efficiency of in-house staff allocation, assured project completion and delivery on time,

Our team of software architects specializes in different software, proprietary and open source. Our focus is on standardization, automation and business process re-engineering.Vishruth Technologies offshore team presents strong technical skills, communication and analytical skills. As we work as an extension to the client's in-house software teams, the project delivery quality is maintained by deploying project personnel with matching technical expertise.

We manage risk at all outsourcing projects by adopting ongoing initiatives: moving from small tasks to bigger projects, maintain a flexible and transparent team, and provide for QA on a continuous basis. By this, we generate higher ROI and far lesser TCO. We help clients in reducing operating costs, providing access to technical skills, leveraging on new technologies, and promoting robust re-engineering and clean-up processes.